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B-13-020 Safety valve SV 3.6/225

G 3/8″ IT
for connection bolt Ø 20 and flange with
bolt circle Ø 50 (2x M8) see B-98-033
(not included in the price)
Nominal width:
Ø 3.6 mm
Range of application:
up to 1500 L/min
Opening pressure:
225 bar
See B-98-034, B-98-037, B-98-033 (not included in price).


Pressure reducers should maintain the set pressure regardless of the inlet pressure at the HP connection.

For pressure regulators, a smooth pressure adjustment without squeaking noises is an advantage

Reduced pressures must always be safeguarded by safety valves.

High flow rates are required in many areas of industry today.

Check valves must be 100% tight, and easy handling of pressure equipment is essential for safe operation.

These are features to which Brandner attaches the greatest importance, whether for standard designs or special solutions.